Thursday, September 28, 2006

Steve Irwin

There has not been a greater loss to mankind since the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. All three lived passionately and did great things.

There are too many evil and distructive people in our world. They manage to grow old, by hiding. THEY claim to be great people. People like Steve Irwin never make such claims of greatness, never run and hide. They live life to the fullest, doing what they love.

With all of the different cable and satalite channels, there are very few family shows. Steve Irwin's show was one of the few. His life was dedicated to the animals. I'm glad to see his wife, Terry on Barbara Walters last night say that she and the kids will take over as the 'Wildlife Warriors'. I would love to get to go to Australia and see their zoo. Maybe someday I will!