Saturday, September 13, 2008


My computer and my camera are finally working! I'll be able to post pictures of some of the things that I've been working on again!

I will have wait until the beginning of next week probably because of the flooding and massive clean up that needs to be taken care of first. Storm drains in the streets need to be unclogged and branches need to be picked up.

Midwest Flooding

Well, we woke up to flooding this morning! We are the lucky ones, here in our area...we didn't loss electricity! We do have some water in the basement but not much. Unfortunately for our neighbors, when we have alittle water, they have alot! We are one of the only houses on the block that doesn't float away during heavy rains.

It is a hard time for alot of people in our country, with unemployment, hurricanes, high prices, etc. I just pray that the upcoming election will help all of us. It makes think of my grandparents and how hard it must have been during the Great Depression. I can remember my grandma would never put any food on her plate until everybody else had their share.