Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Too cold, so staying in and crafting!

It has been crazy cold around here!  However, perfect for staying in and crafting!  And that is exactly what I've been doing!  Here are pictures of a few Kumihimo projects that I've done.

 This is my very first try at Kumihimo.  I made a keychain, since I goofed trying to make a bracelet.

This is the Blue Iris bracelet I made from the instructions in the Prima Bead catalog.  All of the materials needed are sold at Primabead.com   They have great prices and shipping is free!  They also have wonderful instructions to get you started.

This is the disc that you need to get started.  I ordered the round starter kit which came with the disc, enough strands of cord to make 2 bracelets, finds for finishing off the pieces and great instructions.  I definitely am going to make an additional bracelet this afternoon!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Terrible cold!

The weather here in the mid-west is terrible.  Stay in and stay safe!!  Perfect for crafting!