Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finally back!

After being with electricity, my computer biting the dust and having massive work on it, a week of working full time to fill in for a girl who went on vacation, and several day trips, I am back in a 'normal' ruitine.  Well as normal as it gets!  A few additional things to catch up on and it'll be fine.

Here's a few scrapbook terms I found:
Archival:  This term is used to describe materials that are durable, chemically inert and proven to be long                       lasting.

Acid-Free:  Products are considered acid-free if the pH level is 7.0 or higher.  Materials with a lower pH                          level will break down over time and may cause deterioration.

Lignin:  An organic substance found in the wood pulp used to make paper, lignin can become unstable and                 acidic over time, causing paper to yellow and deteriorate.  Newspaper is a low quality paper that
            contains lignin.  For paper to be termed lignin-free, it may contain 1% or less lignin.

Pigment Ink:  A type of ink that is permanent and chemically stable is referred to as pigment ink.  It is
                    lightfast, waterproof, fade-proof and non-bleeding.

PVC:  An unstable plastic found in most 'magnetic albums' is called Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC.  It has been              found that the gas exuded by PVC can cause deterioration in about 5 years time.