Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Clean Eating

Clean Eating....This is something that I have started doing.  There are so many preservatives in food these days, not to mention chemicals.  All the things that were never in foods when I was growing up.  I decided it's time to take back my diet and actually start cooking!  Everybody gets so used to being in a hurry and grabbing something quick, whether that's fast food, or a frozen dinner of some kind.  It's time to start looking at what ingredients are in things and actually cook.  There are lots of alternatives you can do.  I have prepared things on one day and froze them in large zip lok bags.  Then it's pretty easy when I'm in a hurry to still have a good meal.  I just defrost a zip lok and cook it for dinner that night.

I am doing a clean eating challenge.  If you'd like the grocery list and recipes let me know and I'll be sure you get them.