Friday, February 10, 2017

Being Healthy

Here are 8 tips to being healther.

1. Stay hydrated!  Water is vital to healthy living.  Drinking plenty of water is essential for processing nutrients and maintaining a proper fluid balance.

2.  Slow down!  When feeling very hungry, most people have a tendency to eat too much, too quickly.  Be sure to understand portions of veggies, protein, and grains.  Take your time when eating so you can properly digest your food.

3.  Avoid bad sugars!  Stay away from refined sugars that are found in sodas, sweetened teas, coffee creamers, and other sweet foods and drinks.  Refined sugars, when over-consumed, can be converted to fat and stored in the body.

4.  Give in to little cravings!  If you're feeling hungry in between meals, reach for a healthy snack.

5.  Stay on track!  The best way to be successful and reach your overall goals is to keep track of what you're eating and doing each day.

6.  Exercise!  Whether you are trying to lose weight or get more energy, it is important to exercise at least 30 minutes each day.

7.  Get some rest!  Being healthy is not only about what you are eating, but how you are treating your body.  It's always good to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

8.  Stay strong!  No matter what your goal is, don't get caught up on your day-to-day progress, but look at your weekly progression.  The first two weeks are going to be the hardest, but stick with it and stay strong.  Keep track of how you feel.

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